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Owner and Website Developer
My name is Doug Kercher. My wife Anne and I started this website because we feel we can use our website building and google ranking skills to help small businesses increase their profits with an effective website that can be found on the front page of Google.

I built my first website in the 1990s while running my golf coaching business in Melbourne. This site was part of a bigger site who sold d-i-y subsites to businesses. The site was very basic but I was able to get some information and photos up on the internet for my clients to review their golf lessons.

Then I moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland and had a web designer build a professional site for me. It even won an award for the designer. But I didn’t know who had found my site and it certainly didn’t make me any money. Once again I just used it to refer people to who wanted to find a bit more about me and give them access to my golf information. It was great to hand out a card with my website address on it but again, I didn’t even know if prospective clients visited my site.

I then wrote a golf program book and wanted to use my website to market my book to golfers worldwide. My first step was to get my book in a format that could be downloaded from the site. And of course I needed to get paid for it so I needed some sort of payment system.

A few thousand dollars later, spent on an ebook program and a custom made shopping cart, both of which I didn’t need, I had my website up and running. Then I had to find customers. So I bought a lot of internet marketing programs but got stuck for weeks at a time trying to build a professional website. There are a lot of steps in working out code for this and code for that and if everything isn’t lined up and done correctly the whole thing falls over.

Eventually the site was up and running and the sales started coming in but it was an ongoing project. I didn’t know how to change my site once I had it on the internet. At the same time I found out about blogging. A software company called WordPress made available freely open source software that made it possible for people to update their sites as often as they wanted. Google decided they liked the fresh content over the now outdated static “html” websites and WordPress sites have a decided advantage in search engine rankings.

Anyway I decided to change my hosting and set up a blog. Once again there were many steps to learn again and I had someone help me. Then my new blog disappeared into cyberspace. So I started the process of taking complete control of my site. This meant learning the whole process of hosting and building a professional site and adding in custom features of WordPress that made it effective. I was surprised to learn that after the steep learning curve, my site had many features missing from regular sites. So I started thinking about how I could apply my knowledge to helping other businesses.

The first thing I realised that many other businesses had the same questions as me about their websites.

How do I know how effective is my site?
How can I update my site myself?
How do I get my site to rank above my competitors?
How can my site automate the process of staying in touch with my customers?
What is a fair price to pay for a site?
If you look through most local business sites, very few have any sign up form on their site, and if they do, there is nothing offered by the business as an incentive to subscribe and become part of their customer database. Once a prospect or customer is signed up to a database, it is a simple process to send out emails automatically with updates or specials. And best of all it is a fraction of the cost of using print methods like flyer drops and direct mail.

Another area of savings is on advertising. Your print advertising can point people to your site where they can do all their research online. They can look at all your products, even check it all out on video, have their questions answered and you have built credibility and trust which puts them a long way down the track in making a decision to buy before they visit or call.

The internet can help you broaden your sales nationally or even internationally. You can have a presence online 24/7 that never shuts its doors.

I hope to be able to be of help to you one day soon.

Thanks for your interest,

Doug Kercher

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